The iPhone Audit: Simple Defence System

Your iPhone can be hacked, and all of your data easily stolen

If you’re an iPhone user, you probably have a LOT of your personal data stored on it. Your entire life maybe: photos, videos, docs, notes, emails, passwords, etc.

Just imagine HOW BAD it would be that someone malicious gets access to your private data through your iPhone. You might not be aware how often this happens nowadays.

Have you ever wondered if your iPhone can:

The answer is YES. One of the most common purposes of cyber attacks on iPhone is identity theft.

This happens when the criminals steal your personal data in order to take over or open new accounts, rent or buy properties using your money, or do other criminal things in your name.

According to multiple reports, one identity theft happens every 3 seconds! 1 2

No matter what you think of Apple and iPhone, you can trust me on this: your iPhone can be hacked. Thousands of iPhone users get hacked every day.

This is not because the iPhone is bad. It’s a great phone.
One of the best money can buy!

But, the majority of iPhone users have zero or basic knowledge of how to securely use it. And that’s a huge problem.

You can protect your iPhone and your private data

Do you feel like lost when it comes to protecting the privacy of your data and security of your iPhone?

How do you make sure your iPhone is not already hacked, and configure your iPhone to be a highly secure device? Wouldn’t it be just wonderful to have a systematic approach to securing your iPhone?

And no matter how much you seem to look, most of the resources online don’t seem to give you a system. Instead, they show you tons of random tips.

Introducing "The iPhone Audit: Simple Defence System"

I’m currently working on creating such a system. Here’s a quick description of what you can expect:

Here’s an overview of what you can get:

:: Module 1 - Assessment ::
You'll learn how to easily answer questions like:
  • How to prepare for the case of losing your iPhone
  • Is your iPhone already infected, hacked or compromised
  • How to stop your iPhone from secretly listening to every word you say
  • How to get under your control all 9 iPhone microphones
  • Which 7 "doors" can attackers use to compromise your iPhone remotely, and how to "lock" them and minimize the risk of attacks in the future
  • ... and many more.

:: Module 2 - Secure configuration ::
You'll learn how to, step by step, configure your iPhone properly. You will also find out things like:
  • How to configure an secure passcode without influencing the convenience of use
  • Why Bluetooth exposes your phone to risks and how to avoid them
  • The privacy config which Apple doesn't want you to know about (hidden 8 clicks deep into Settings).
  • How to control the location sharing with each app?
  • Should you use a firewall, and which one is the best

:: Module 3 - Prevention controls ::
You will discover the strategies and tactics which help you prevent any attacks on your iPhone in the future. You'll also find out:
  • How to make secure backups?
  • Whether you need an antivirus or a solution which is much more effective
  • How to recognize malicious apps?
  • Secure habits which will make you a though target even for advanced attackers
  • Do you really need a VPN?
  • How to blocks ads and trackers on websites and in apps
  • Best way to provide a safe and supervised Internet for kids using this one amazing app
  • Why you should never give your phone to your child (and what to do if you really have to)

:: BONUS: Module 4 - Extreme privacy ::
This BONUS module is available only in Advanced and VIP packages.

You will discover things like:

  • Step by step guide on how to get an iPhone which is extremely private and entirely anonymous
  • What is the best browser for daily use and which browser to use when you want to be anonymous?
  • How to play YouTube videos without any Ads with this free app
  • The most common trick phones get stolen from tables in public places, such as coffee bars and similar. Once you know it, you'll know how to protect from it!

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About the author

I’m a cybersecurity professional3 and author4.

I’m a tech geek, about to communicate reasonably well. I love to break complex topics into a practical, no-no sense, empowering, ethical, and action-oriented advice.

I’ve worked, and still work, with many very known and successful companies. Unfortunately I can’t name them, due to various NDAs.

In the recent past, I’ve helped thousands of IT engineers learn Vim (known as the hardest-to-learn text editor) with my previous book.5


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